Dear Soaps,
Can you tell me which soap has the characters Trisha and Trucker? Thanks! &#151 Margie

Dear Margie,
You're thinking of Loving, which ran on ABC from 1983 to 1995. Trisha Alden, played by Noelle Beck, fell in love with blue-collar heartbreaker Trucker McKenzie (Robert Tyler), who had spent several years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Following the standard soap-supercouple pattern, Trisha and Trucker fell in love despite obstacles set up by jealous counterparts. They married (twice!) and seemed like they were on the road to happiness until Trisha drove her car off a cliff, developed amnesia and remarried an ex-husband, leaving a devastated Trucker behind. Unfortunately, viewers didn't love the show as much as the title would suggest, and Loving continually suffered from low ratings. In 1995, ABC tried to salvage it by killing off most of its core characters, relocating the survivors to a loft in SoHo and renaming the show The City. But even the bright lights of the Big Apple couldn't save the revamped soap, which ended its run in 1997.