Dear Soaps,
I started watching All My Children again, and I noticed that Jackson Montgomery has a daughter named Lily. I thought Greenlee was his only child. Can you clarify? &#151 KA

Dear KA,
Well, you're sort of right. While three children call the D.A. "Daddy," Greenlee is his only biological offspring. So how did Lily come into the picture? Back in 1993, Jackson romanced Laurel Banning, a reluctant con artist who was embezzling money to keep her daughter, Lily, in a school specializing in autism. Laurel later had to kill her abusive ex in self-defense. Jackson helped Laurel hide the body, and the two went on the run. He then decided to marry Laurel and adopt Lily. Laurel was eventually cleared, and she celebrated her newfound freedom by getting a divorce. Unfortunately, Laurel became a murder victim herself when Jason Sheffield gunned her down. In 2003, Jackson added to his brood by taking in former street kid Reggie Porter, eventually adopting him as well.