Dear Soaps,
I must have been snoozing the week OLTL explained the relationship between Todd and Sam. They seem to have a significant past together that I can't quite figure out. Can you fill me in? — Becca

Dear Becca,
Explaining the intimate relationship between Sam and Todd, Kale Browne and Roger Howarth respectively, just might take a week, but I'll try to give you the concise version. While Sam is not Todd's biological dad, he has stood by Todd like a father figure, even when Todd has tested him beyond the limits of decency. Sam originally brought his legal expertise to Llanview to help Todd legally sort out his marriage-of-convenience to Téa Delgado. Sam quickly realized that Todd truly loved Tea and arranged for the couple to try a temporary reconciliation. Sam defended Todd when he was accused of holding half of Llanview hostage. When Todd recounted the abuse he suffered as a child, Sam realized that Todd's stepfather, Peter Manning, had sexually assaulted Todd. Sam tried to use this information to get Todd cleared of the charges, but Todd blacked out on the stand before Sam could plead his case. Todd emerged, apparently suffering from Disassociative Identity Disorder, and began to slip in and out of four distinct personalities. While most people, including his estranged wife Tea, thought Todd was faking, Sam stood behind him, knowing that split personalities are often an effect of abuse. (You may recall that Todd's half sister Viki, a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her father, also suffered from the disease.) It was a crushing blow when Sam heard a taped confession of Todd admitting that he was faking his DID. Todd has returned to Llanview, but seems to harbor some jealousy over Sam's connection with his real son, Will. It will be interesting to see if Sam ever forgives Todd for his most damaging betrayal — sending his son out of the country. (DD)