Dear Soaps,
I saw Bobbie Eakes, who played Macy on The Bold and the Beautiful, singing a country duet on Country Music Television (CMT) the other day. They even had a music video. Has she gone country? I knew Macy sang on the show, but I didn't know it was her actual voice. Did she leave B&B to become a singer? — TAZ

Dear TAZ,
Eakes has been developing her music career for some time. Yes, that was her voice you heard on the show all these years. The actress was hoping to juggle both B&B and her music this year until the show made the decision to write the character out. As no identifiable body was found following the car explosion, there's always the chance that Eakes and Macy will return to B&B. In the meantime, Eakes is on tour with country singer Collin Raye. They've recorded Loving This Way, the duet you saw on CMT. (MJM)