Dear Soaps,
I recently heard that Tara Reid from the movie American Pie played a role on Days of Our Lives. Could you please tell me who she played and how she was connected to the storyline? Thank you. — Mandy

Dear Mandy,
You heard correctly. Tara Reid, who starred as Viki, the girlfriend of one of four high school guys who make a pact to lose their virginity in the coming-of-age teen flick American Pie did appear briefly on the daytime canvas. Reid played Ashley, a friend of Samantha Brady, on Days of Our Lives back in 1995. You may recall the time Sami ran away to Seattle after she had slept with Austin and Lucas. She stayed with her friend Ashley while she was there. Ashley encouraged Sami to return to Salem, which Sami, who was pregnant, eventually did. Tara will be making some beautiful music in her next role. She's currently filming a movie version of Josie and the Pussycats. Tara plays Melanie the drummer. (DD)