Dear Soaps,
I read your column regularly and I am surprised that more mentions aren't made about the best soap ever, The Edge of Night. I would love to see a mystery soap like that return to TV. Are they planning on airing this show on SoapNet? It was an ABC show. What were the teenagers names on the show (I think her name was Jody and he was a drama teacher) and was the show cancelled for poor ratings or did they just want to open the time slot from 1/2 hour to 1 hour for local programming? — Bstone

Dear Bstone,
Who could forget the intricate mysteries and the savvy crime fighters featured on daytime's only crime melodrama, The Edge of Night. Born from the mind of Perry Mason writer Irving Vendig, The Edge of Night strayed from the traditional soap format, presenting year-long mysteries that were solved by several core characters and a revolving door of secondary characters in each new story. Live shoot-outs and old-fashioned love affairs attracted an audience of action-seekers as well as romantics. The show actually ran on CBS in the late afternoon, where it picked up a hearty number of male viewers. When CBS moved the show to an earlier time slot in 1972, it lost a chunk of its core male audience and ratings plummeted. The network canceled the program in 1975, but it was picked up by ABC days later, and ran for another decade. Unfortunately, less than half of ABC affiliates carried the show, and it met its final demise in December 1984. As for young characters, there were many, but I think you're recalling a young Lori Loughlin who played teenage dancer Jody Travis. She was involved with Gavin Wylie (Mark Arnold), the mild-mannered dance instructor at The Wylie Dance Studio, which became the setting for many of Edge of Night's crime scenes in the early 80s. For the moment, SoapNet does not have the show in its lineup, but just like the soap world, anything's possible. (DD)