Dear Soaps,
I was looking up a recap of 1998 and came across a character named Jacara on One Life To Live.I have watched One Life to Live since 1991 and don't remember any character by that name. Could you please tell me the character's reason on the show, the length and the actress/actor who played Jacara? — Sean

Dear Sean,
You don't remember Jacara Principal? She was one of the coolest ladies ever to grace Llanview, albeit for too short a time. From 1997-98, Marva Hicks portrayed the confident businesswoman who was able to keep the ultra slick R.J. Gannon on his toes. She came to town when R.J. became a partner in her music company, Blue Jay Records. The show often used Jacara's business (and Llanview nightspot, Club Indigo) to showcase real life musicians like Chris Botti and Erykah Badu, but never really developed Jacara and R.J.'s romance or wove her more intricately into the show's fabric. (DD)