Dear Soaps,
Is it just me, or are the writers of All My Children making Finola Hughes's character, Alex, very cold? Ever since Dimitri came back, she has not been the warm person she used to be and is treating Edmund like a piece of dirt. It makes the viewers wonder why Edmund would still want her. And Dimitri needs to leave the show for good this time. What are your thoughts? — Dianna

Dear Dianna,
First, I think the legion of Michael Nader fans who campaigned to get Dimitri back on the show would object to him leaving so soon. As for Alex's coldness, I can't say I've noticed it. She certainly must feel awkward for falling for Edmund so soon after Dimitri's "death." Also, the British can kind of come off cold and condescending in general. It's not their fault. It's that haughty-sounding accent. (Michael J. Maloney)