Dear Soaps,
This isn't the first time that Asa has thought Max was his son on One Life to Live, is it? I seem to recall him thinking Max was his son once before. Am I right? — Rachel

Dear Rachel,
Give yourself a pat on the back: This isn't the first time Asa believed Max is his son. Back in 1990, Max learned that Asa had swindled Max's father, Wingate Holden, out of oil-rich land. Max wanted revenge. Gabrielle, Max's then wife, learned that Max's mother had had an affair with Asa around the time Max was conceived. Even though Max was not a Buchanan, Gabrielle got Du Ann Demerest, a mid-wife, to claim she had delivered Asa's son, Max! Over time, Max and Asa grew close; Max even took the Buchanan name. Renee would soon learn that Du Ann's claim was a hoax, but allowed herself to be blackmailed to protect Asa. Du Ann turned up dead at the Buchanan Enterprises 25th anniversary party. Renee was initially charged with the crime, but Julie Medina was the real killer. The truth was finally revealed, and Max returned to using his birth's father last name. (DD)