Dear Soaps,
I hope you can help me with this, PLEASE!!!! My husband and I were discussing a guy on Knight Rider. I say it's Ben on ATWT, and he doesn't think so. I haven't had a chance to view ATWT to get his real name, as I am at school during that time. Please tell me, am I right? — Kisha

Dear Kisha,
Rev up your engines. Peter Parros, who stars as neurosurgeon Ben Harris on ATWT, did appear on the action-packed series Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff (ex-Snapper, Y&R) and a cool talking Pontiac Trans Am called KITT. Parros joined the cast in its last season. He played Reginald Cornelius III, a.k.a. RC3, a streetwise mechanic who drove a specially equipped van that transported KITT to each adventure. (DD)