Dear Soaps,
Who was born first on General Hospital: Georgie or Leslie Lu? I swear that Leslie Lu was actually born before Georgie, even though they have aged Georgie. My friend thinks I've lost my mind. Have I? Please help. &#151 Susan

Dear Susan,
You haven't lost your mind, at least not when it comes to your GH trivia. Lesley Lu was born on-screen first. Luke and Laura welcomed their baby girl into the world in 1994. Felicia and Frisco's youngest daughter Georgie was born under a table at Luke's club in 1995. In real time, both girls would barely be entering double digits. But in reel time, GH aged Georgie in 2002, throwing her current portrayer, Lindze Letherman, in a front-burner storyline and teen romance with bad-boy-in-training Dillon Quartermaine.