Dear Soaps,
How many actors have played the role of Edward Quartermaine on General Hospital? Where are these actors now? &#151 Karen

Dear Karen,
Three actors have played the stubborn and quirky Q patriarch. David Lewis originated the role when the extended Quartermaine clan was introduced on the show in 1978. (Alan Quartermaine had been on the canvas for a year.) Lewis, who played the role until 1993, passed away in 2000. Former drama teacher John Ingle then stepped into the part, giving Edward life over the next decade. In December 2003, GH informed Ingle that he would be released from his contract with the show. A few weeks later, the actor was asked to return on a recurring basis, but Ingle had already accepted the contract role of Mickey Horton on Days of Our Lives. GH hired Jed Allan, best known for his portrayals of C.C. Capwell on Santa Barbara and an angel named Ed Grant on Port Charles, to fill the vacancy.