Dear Soaps,
On The Young and the Restless the "Christine trying to have a baby" storyline is a little tired and boring. Do you think they will finally make her pregnant, which will cause some problems with Michael and Paul? — Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
It may look like you got your wish — Christine just got the positive results with her home pregnancy test and Paul is thrilled — but is she really pregnant? Setside sources say that Lauralee Bell, who is expecting her first child next January, will not be pregnant onscreen. This plot twist might be a ruse to teach Michael a lesson. Or maybe Y&R is going to do one of their famous baby switches of a different kind. It would certainly get interesting if the character really is pregnant. Mary's been praying for another grandchild; it would be great to see that meddlesome mama finally get what she wants. And the under-used Lynne, who's likely still carrying a torch for her boss, Paul, would get a chance to show some angst over the impending bundle of joy. (MJM)