Dear Soaps,
When Stephen Nichols played Patch Johnson on Days of Our Lives in the beginning of his stint he was involved with a blond woman. On General Hospital he has been with a pretty blond woman. Is this woman the same one from Days? They look very similar. Thank you for your input. — Mamacane71

Dear Mamacane71,
While Nichols (Stefan) seems destined to get involved with the very pretty Tava Smiley (Chloe, GH), a virtual newcomer to daytime, Nichols did enjoy on-screen romances with another very pretty blond actress, Mary Beth Evans (ex-Katherine, GH; ex-Kayla, Days) on both shows. Back when Nichols wore a patch and played a character by the same name, he got involved with sweet, innocent Kayla. The couple married not once, but twice — the first marriage was declared invalid when Patch's first wife, Marina, returned from the dead. On GH, Stefan and Katherine began a lusty love affair. The two planned to marry, but Katherine was presumed dead when she fell through a loosened balcony gate at their engagement party. She had just learned of her fiancé's undying love for Laura Spencer. Stefan mourned her loss, but it was all a ruse. Stefan's own mother, Helena, nursed Katherine back to health. When Katherine returned to Port Charles, she spurned Stefan's attempts to make peace, and turned her affections to his and Laura's secret son, Nikolas. (DD)