Dear Soaps,
Was Melissa Archer, who plays Natalie Vega on One Life to Live, fired over the weekend? Is the show currently recasting her role? &#151 Sam

Dear Sam,
I thought getting stood up by a date on Friday night was the worst rejection a person could get over the weekend! Since I was home anyway, I did a little digging to find out if this rumor has any truth to it. First off, ditch the notion that Archer has been fired. Sources tell that the actress is currently in contract negotiations. But even if Archer doesn't stay, OLTL, which has every intention of keeping the hot Evangeline-John-Natalie love triangle in the forefront, will recast the role. Second, and more important, that boy better never call me again, because I'd only give him, like, three more chances to ask me out and that's final.