Dear Soaps,
On One Life to Live, Nora is getting married again. Just how many husbands has she had? &#151 Delores

Dear Delores,
Unlike Llanview's Asa Buchanan, who has said "I do" a record 13 times, Nora has only two former husbands. The first is fellow legal-eagle Hank Gannon, who is the father of Nora's daughter Rachel. In 1995, Nora married her second husband, police commissioner Bo Buchanan. While many believe that Nora and Bo are the perfect couple &#151 they both love swing dancing and Chinese takeout &#151 their marriage crumbled when Bo learned that Nora had slept with her mentor, Sam Rappaport. Sure, she was only trying to get pregnant so she could give Bo a child &#151 and the baby subsequently turned out to be Bo's son anyway &#151 but the tryst still put a damper on their union.