Dear Soaps,
On One Life To Live how did Bo's son Drew die? Who was his mother and how did he come to town? Were he and Kelly engaged? Did Bo accept Drew and did they get along? —Krista

Dear Krista,
Sounds like you're itching for a little Buchanan history. Let me lend you a hand. Drew, a policeman, was shot and killed in September of 1998 by Barbara, Kevin's ex-lover who was trying to kill him after he rejected her. His mother was Becky Lee Abbott and he was named after the man she loved, Drew Ralston, who also died tragically. Drew came back to town to try to get money and was instantly smitten with Kelly, going so far as to try to sabotage her relationship with his cousin, Joey. At the time of Drew's death, he and Kelly were engaged. While Bo and Drew did have their problems, father and son reconciled just before Drew's death. Drew had confided in Bo about his intentions towards Kelly. And just in case you didn't know, Drew has been played by three actors: Keith Bogart, Victor Browne, and Samuel Ball. (DD)