Dear Soaps,
I've watched Edward and his daughter Tracy fight on General Hospital on and off for years, but I don't remember what event set off their battle. What happened and when? &#151 Ellie

Dear Ellie,
If the apple doesn't fall from the tree, it would be easy to understand why these two headstrong players have a hard time finding harmony in the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy rarely followed her father's orders, much to his chagrin. Daddy dearest refused to give his daughter any money unless she was married, so Tracy forced corrupt assistant DA Mitch Williams to the altar, even though he was cavorting with another woman. In 1980, Tracy brought a paternity suit against her sister-in-law Monica, who had just given birth to A.J. Tracy wanted her son Ned to inherit the Quartermaine fortune, so she set out to prove that A.J. was not Alan's offspring (even though he is), despite daddy's orders not to interfere. Furious over her actions, Edward set out to change his will and disinherit Tracy. As he was about to sign the papers, Edward suffered a heart attack in front of his daughter. He begged Tracy to hand him his heart medication, but she refused, leaving him to die. But the attack was a ruse. Edward had been testing Tracy's loyalty, and she had failed miserably. Edward jumped up and banished Tracy from the family mansion.