Dear Soaps,
I'm still trying to figure out why the Spencers and the Cassadines hate each other so much on General Hospital. Can you explain it to me? &#151 Marko

Dear Marko,
The Cassadines' disdain towards the Spencers began after Luke thwarted their plans to take over the world, and family patriarch Mikkos died in the process. Hidden in the shadows of Luke and Laura's fairytale wedding, Mikkos's widow, Helena (then played by Elizabeth Taylor) placed a curse on the happy couple. She vowed revenge for her husband's death. Stavros's abduction and obsession with Laura furthered the war between the families. The war was brought back home when Nikolas arrived in Port Charles to give blood to his sick little half-sister, Lesley Lu. Laura would learn that her mother, Lesley, who she believed had died, was actually alive and being held in a catatonic state by Stefan Cassadine. (DD)