Dear Soaps,

Good instincts regarding Aaron's whereabouts in last week's column, but unfortunately As the World Turns's writers under former executive producer Felicia Minei Behr didn't share them. When Holden left Oakdale without his memory, he took Aaron when he went to the memory-loss clinic (which I believe was near Washington, DC, where Iva lives). When he rode back into town on his motorcycle a few years later, he said that Aaron was living with Julie and Caleb in Seattle.

Boy, was there talk on the ATWT message boards! No one believed that Caleb would willingly raise Holden and Julie's son since their affair was such a big problem for him for so long. If Holden was going to abandon his son after forcing Iva to give him back, the least he could have done was admit he made a mistake and let the kid live with Iva. Unfortunately, no writer since Doug Marland has ever given Holden much credit for intelligence. And with Abigail in the picture, Aaron would just be too awkward to fit into the family — but he really should be referred to now and then if we are supposed to believe Holden is a good father.
— Bucky

Dear Bucky,
Thanks for the note, and I agree with you completely that Aaron should be mentioned more often. In fact, why not bring Aaron back to Oakdale as a peer for Casey, Will, Bonnie Louise McKechnie and Carrie Crawford? What do you think, Mr. Sheffer?