Dear Soaps,
On General Hospital, wasn't there at least one other Cassadine brother originally, way back in 1981 &#151 Tony? As I remember it, he was actually the first to arrive in Port Charles, living on the yacht under the name Tony Castle for months and even dating Lesley. I think Mikkos eventually froze him. I seem to recall one or maybe even two other brothers, though the show never mentions them or even suggests anymore that there were any legitimate Cassadine kids besides Stefan and Stavros. &#151 Matt

Dear Matt,
There isn't much more for me to add &#151 you've got your history down pat. In 1981 we met Tony, who lived on a yacht and dated Lesley. He was also involved with Alexandra Quartermaine. Tony and younger brother Victor were actually Mikkos's siblings. Under the alias of Castle, Tony planned to steal back the Ice Princess, which held the freezing formula the Cassadines planned to use for world domination. And Tony did freeze in an ice chamber. Victor was arrested and presumably died in jail. We met another Cassadine, Petros, in 1985, when he came to Port Charles to retrieve a brooch. If any of these Cassadines have children, we have yet to meet them, but never say never. (Delaina Dixon)