Dear Soaps,
Don't you think that Jax's departure on General Hospital was handled badly? After the buildup and then actually seeing Vanessa [Marcil] back in her role it was really stupid to not have a meeting between them. Please give your opinion. Thanks. — Katie

Dear Katie,
Your thought poses an interesting dilemma. If Jax had met up with Brenda, would he have had any reason to leave Port Charles to try and find her? But more to the point, Ingo Rademacher actually taped his last scenes in early August. Vanessa Marcil didn't tape her cameo until a few days before they aired (an unexpected surprise that was pretty exciting in its own right). Only time will tell if Rademacher's new primetime vehicle, Titans, will be a hit. If the show doesn't last, Rademacher may make his way back to the GH canvas. And after seeing Marcil once again on the GH scene, there's no doubt in my mind that she would return for a longer engagement — under the right circumstances. I think this is the exact reason GH's PTB kept Rademacher's departure low-key and mysterious. If these two popular characters ever do return, whether separately or together, that's when the writers will take advantage of the momentous occasion and add all the fanfare trimmings. (DD)