Dear Soaps,
Dear Reiner,
I remember that Nina had a baby that was stolen from her when she first joined The Young and the Restless; are TPTB ever going to reunite Nina with her child? That would be interesting.
— Daiana

Dear Daiana,
Years ago Nina confessed to Ryan that the loss of her first baby still haunts her, so it's not a totally forgotten topic. However, Y&R is aging Phillip (Nina's other son) in natural time, so it doesn't appear as if the show's in any rush to have Tricia Cast (Nina) play mother to a grown teen hunk. Given that head writer Kay Alden is constantly mining the show's past, it's probably inevitable that this long-lost "baby" will be addressed in detail at some point. Having inherited Phillip Chancellor III's estate, Nina sure has the financial resources to locate her child if she so desires. (Michael J. Maloney)