Dear Soaps,
Dear Reiner,
What do you consider to be the most original stories of the '90s? My top five are Marty's gang rape on One Life to Live, Marlena and the Devil on Days, Robin's battle with AIDS on GH, the Loving serial-killer story, and the revelation that Azure C. was a man on The City.
— Glamkatte

Dear Glamkatte,
You're off to a good start, but how could you forget about Casey's battle against Guillain-Barre syndrome and his right to die with dignity on As the World Turns? Or Brent/Marian, Guiding Light's cross-dressing rapist/murderer? Or B.J., Santa Barbara's cross-dressing molestation victim? Or yucky Martin's Syndrome on Sunset Beach? Or Janet's redemption on All My Children? Or....