Dear Soaps,
Dear Reiner, A while back on GH I watched Lila talking to a ghost, which at the time I thought was Edward. Much to my surprise, I tune in a few months ago to see Lila with a husband named Edward. Who was the ghost, and what happened to him?
— Lisa

Dear Lisa,
Ah, don't you love retroactive changes in soap continuity? Everyone (including viewers and the Quartermaines) thought Edward had died when his plane went down, and Lila even started communicating with his spirit (via a large portrait in the Qs' living room). Enter Gloria Monty, who lured David Lewis (Edward) out of retirement. What do you know? Edward is alive! (Raise your hand if you remember the day Anna found Edward!) Anyway, Lewis eventually retired again and was replaced by John Ingle, the current Edward.