Dear Soaps,
On Days of our Lives, when Chelsea was stalking Patrick, Abby told her that lots of older men date younger women. She then mentioned that Bruce Willis was dating someone in her twenties. Did the show mean Nadia Bjorlin, who plays Chloe? I read somewhere that they're dating. &#151 Diana

Dear Diana,
Not that I'm jealous or anything, but the 24-year-old siren has been casually dating the hot 50-year-old Sin City star on and off for the past few months. Days reps admit the show was having a little fun with current events, even though they stress that the quip wasn't necessarily referring to Bjorlin. (Yeah, right.) But the actress herself seems to think it was. "I didn't even know it happened until Ashley Benson, who plays Abby, told me they had given her that line," she remarks. Luckily, Bjorlin can roll with the punch line. "It's very funny and sort of cute that [the writers] did that, in that poking-fun kind of way," she says. I know what you're thinking: Did Bjorlin give me any more dish on her relationship with Demi's ex? Nope. Did she offer me any tips on how to snag my own hot Hollywood bachelor? Double nope. Damn.