Dear Soaps,

What is with Bobbie on GH? It seems as if the show is portraying (and dressing) her as if she were a younger lady than she is. No one is arguing that Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) isn't an attractive actress, but why don't TPTB have her act (and dress) more her age? It is really bothering me!
— JL

Dear JL,
Good point! I have no clue why Bobbie dresses and acts like a promiscuous teenager, but she's not the only ABC heroine with that disorder: Erica Kane (AMC) also acts 30 years younger than she is! Seriously, do TPTB think that we want to see 50-ish women parade around in skimpy outfits with their libidos out of control? I think not! Also, do women ages 18 to 49 want to see gals of a certain age parading around like hookers? I think not! Hey, ABC: Why can't these gals act their age?