Dear Soaps,
Is Belle Marlena and John's biological child or the child of Isabella and John? — Leisa

Dear Leisa,
Belle is indeed the biological child of Days's Marlena and John, conceived while Marlena was involved with Roman Brady. John was set to leave town after Marlena told him she was staying with Roman. Marlena went to say good-bye to John, but the two fell into a passionate embrace. Nine months later it was hello baby Belle, much to the dismay of her half-sister, Sami. Fearing John and Marlena's love child would cause heartache for her father Roman, Sami altered the blood tests to keep little Belle's paternity a secret. She then kidnapped the infant, and planned to put her up for adoption. Prior to this, John and his wife Isabella also had a child, but that child is Brady Black (Kyle Lowder). Now a teen, Brady is back in town, and ready to put his dad, John, through the ringer. (Delaina Dixon)