Kelly Moncao by Albert L. Ortega/ and Beth Ehlers by Marc Bryan-Brown/
Nominations for the 35th annual Daytime Emmys will be announced live on The View April 30, and I'm expecting some ghastly nods due to an expanded system that has allowed 143 actors on the ballot (a third more than last year).

Never mind that most of 'em shouldn't be permitted anywhere near an Emmy, that's give or take two dozen in each of the acting categories! Several judges tell me they couldn't view that much footage (each actor submits two episodes) and voted without seeing all the work. Some chose not to vote at all.

Plus, there's the usual nonsense: Several lead players, most egregiously All My Children's Alicia Minshew (Kendall), are hogging spots on the supporting list. And some of the best work isn't on the ballot. Where's General Hospital's Kelly Monaco (Sam)? Guiding Light's Beth Ehlers (Harley)? Without them, it's not a fair fight.

And get this - the TV academy has decided to drop the follow-up round of voting after the nominees are announced. The winners will already be known based on this screwy preliminary vote and kept quiet until the award are passed out June 20. What will happen? Let's hope for the best but prepare for the worst. - Michael Logan