Days of our Lives courtesy SOAPnet
This Sunday, Oct. 28, from 9 pm to 12 am/ET, SOAPnet will usher in Halloween with The Devil Made Me Do it: Marlena's Possession, a three-hour revisiting of the 1995 Days of Our Lives storyline that will never be forgotten - and not necessarily for the right reasons.

The first hour finds Kristen wising up to Marlena's "darker" side, as Doc morphs into a panther and then sics a swarm of bees on Shawn. Hour 2 has Marlena taking flight a few feet above her bed Exorcist/ Ghostbusters-style, at which point it's decided, "Yeah, we need help from a higher power." Then at 10 pm, John will use all the power of his cocked eyebrow to battle the devil for his beloved's soul.