All My Children: That's Elizabeth Hobgood playing Allison Jones, a guest at Bianca's homecoming party who takes note of all she sees. Hobgood airs Sept. 15.

As the World Turns: John Mattey plays a reporter and Myk Watford a Canadian cop on Sept 12 and Sept. 13 respectively.

Guiding Light: Charles Parnell plays a TV reporter and Barbara Gulan appears as Holly's assistant on Sept. 11…. Jason Field and Douglas Barnes play EMTs who arrive at collapsed construction site Sept. 12…. Don't miss Maeve Kinkead's return to Springfield as Vanessa on Sept 15. when she shares a heartfelt good-bye with Billy and Bill.

Young and Restless: Look for Hunter Preisendorfer to appear as Little Noah and Rianna Loving as Rianna on Sept 12…. Veronica Redd returns in the role of Mamie Johnson on Sept. 13…. Brooke Marie Bridges once again appears as Lily Winters, Drucilla and Neil's daughter, on Sept 14.... The departing Victoria Rowell makes an appearance as Drucilla on Sept 14 and 15…. Thad Luckinbill returns as J.T. on Sept. 15.