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Dear Soaps, I haven't gotten to...

Dear Soaps,
I haven't gotten to watch the soaps for a long time. Whatever happened to Hope, one of Victor Newman's wives on The Young and the Restless. Did he divorce her? Did she die? What happened? — Melissa

Dear Melissa,
Hope decided that Victor didn't have room for her in his life, so she took their young son, Victor, Jr., and returned to her farm in Kansas. Ashley's pal, Kurt Costner, went with them. At the time, the writers presumably moved Hope off the canvas so they could tell the story in which Victor would marry Diane and then divorce her so he could wed a dying Nikki. There just wasn't room for Hope at the time. It's likely, however, that Hope and Victor Jr. will return down the line. (Michael J. Maloney)

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Dear Soaps, On Guiding Light,...

Dear Soaps,
On Guiding Light, I heard Michelle tell Claire that she and Danny went through a lot to be together. What exactly did they go through? — Kendra

Dear Kendra,
The real question is what haven't Danny and Michelle gone through? The couple didn't exactly get off on the right foot since Michelle had killed Danny's brother, Mick, in self-defense. Danny and Michelle agreed to fake romantic feelings for each other so that the Santos family would spare Michelle's life. Then, they fell in love for real. Next, Carmen, Danny's mom, orchestrated Michelle's conviction for the murder of Ben Warren. It looked like Danny and Michelle would be separated for quite a while after Michelle was put on death row. Danny helped clear Michelle, but she miscarried his baby after being released from prison. Memories of Carmen have been haunting Michelle, too. Currently, Danny believes that Michelle's mom, Claire, had nothing to do with Carmen's de read more

Dear Soaps, Recently, Nathan Hastings...

Dear Soaps,
Recently, Nathan Hastings was brought back to The Young and the Restless for a short time when a dying Olivia entered a spiritual plane. Many people I've talked to believe that this was the only actor to play Nathan. What other actors have played Nathan and which one returned for this recent appearance? — Bobbi

Dear Bobbi,
Three actors have played the role of Nathan Hastings. Nathan Purdee (who now plays Hank Gannon on One Life to Live) originated the role in 1985 and played it until 1992. The next Nathan was Randy Brooks, who played the part from 1992-93. Adam Lazzare-White was the third and final Nathan from 1994-96. Lazzare-White reprised Nathan during Olivia's recent trip to the great beyond. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, I must have been snoozing...

Dear Soaps,
I must have been snoozing the week OLTL explained the relationship between Todd and Sam. They seem to have a significant past together that I can't quite figure out. Can you fill me in? — Becca

Dear Becca,
Explaining the intimate relationship between Sam and Todd, Kale Browne and Roger Howarth respectively, just might take a week, but I'll try to give you the concise version. While Sam is not Todd's biological dad, he has stood by Todd like a father figure, even when Todd has tested him beyond the limits of decency. Sam originally brought his legal expertise to Llanview to help Todd legally sort out his marriage-of-convenience to Téa Delgado. Sam quickly realized that Todd truly loved Tea and arranged for the couple to try a temporary reconciliation. Sam defended Todd when he was accused of holding half of Llanview hostage. When Todd recounted the abuse he suffered as a child, Sam realized that T read more

For the moment, you can quell...

For the moment, you can quell any rumors that Shemar Moore (Malcolm Winters) is leaving The Young and the Restless. While Moore has heaped a lot on his plate — he's slated to star in a feature film and a TV pilot for Fox — the talented actor has no definite plans to leave Genoa City just yet.

Moore is currently shooting the film Brothas with comic D.L. Hughley for Sony Films. His television pilot, Celebrity, produced by Jersey Films, is currently being rewritten. "Right now, Shemar is planning on staying on Y&R," confirms a show publicist. "If the pilot does get picked up, then he'll have to make a decision."

Moore has said in the past that at some point he might leave Y&R, but the six-year veteran feels a strong bond of loyalty to the show. The program has made time for Moore to do other feature projects, including the HBO film Butter and the CBS miniseries Mama Flora's Family, and se read more

Ever wondered what Timothy Gibbs...

Ever wondered what Timothy Gibbs (Kevin, One Life to Live ) might look like in his birthday suit? Fans will have an opportunity to sneak a peek at his bare assets in an upcoming episode of HBO's Sex and the City . According to the New York Post, Gibbs is the detective who investigates when sex scriptor Carrie Bradshaw ( Sarah Jessica Parker ) is mugged for her pricey heels. Gibbs shows off a glimpse of his bare rump when he winds up in bed with one of the show's four leading ladies — which one is still a mystery. Gibbs seems unfazed by his public display of intimate skin. He onced bared his bottom on an Italian soap opera back in the early '90s. "I think it's in better shape now," says Gibbs.… Rob Estes (ex-Kyle, Melrose Place) travels from the West Coast to the Eastern shore to make several guest appearances on the NBC hit drama Providence. Estes will play John Hemming, a physical therapist who turns to read more

If you think you're seeing double...

If you think you're seeing double in Salem, you're perfectly right. This week, Andrea Hall-Gengler , Deidre Hall's (Marlena, Days of Our Lives ) twin sister, returns to the show in the recurring role of Hattie, a diner waitress who's a dead ringer for the caring psychiatrist and radio show host. This is not Hall-Gengler's first time on the show. In the late '70s, she played bad girl Samantha Evans, an alcoholic actress who took on her greatest role impersonating her twin, Marlena. Hall-Gengler reprised the role in 1982, only to fall victim to the Salem Strangler. Her return could spell Days déjà vu for the Hall sisters if Hall-Gengler's Hattie decided that Marlena's lifestyle is much more appealing and tries to take her identity. Hall-Gengler's first air date is Aug. 17. read more

The Bold and the Beautiful: Michael...

The Bold and the Beautiful: Michael Tylo (ex Blade, ex-Rick, Y&R) returns to the world of glitz and glamour in the role of Sherman Gale on Aug. 22 and 23. Tylo is married to B&B staple Hunter Tylo (Taylor).

Guiding Light: Danny and Pilar will have to make room for the newest Santos coming to town. Jordi Vilasuso joins the cast as Tony Santos, "Ray's" brother, beginning Aug. 29.... Mary Stuart's returns as matriarch Meta Bauer at the end of August.

One Life to Live: James Hanlon and Dara Coleman have been respectively cast as Liam and Brennan, dock workers who discover Will in a cargo container. They debut Aug. 22. Tari Signor premieres Aug. 23 as Deborah, Liam's wife, who befriends Will when he sets foot in Ireland.

Days of Our Lives: We'll be seeing a lot more of Valerie Wildman (Fay) and Heather Olsen (Jan) on the streets of Salem. Both actresses have been up read more

This week on General Hospital...

This week on General Hospital Jax (Ingo Rademacher) experiences more than fond memories of Brenda, a role originated by Vanessa Marcil. Just as Jax seems content to find happiness with Chloe, he spots someone who looks a lot like Brenda in the villa garden. This brief glimpse leads Jax to believe that his beloved Brenda may still be alive.

It's been almost two years since Jax watched in horror as Brenda's mentally unstable mother made Brenda swerve the car off that cliff. Could the shadowy figure Jax sees around every corner be a prelude to Marcil (who most recently played Gina on Beverly Hills 90210) returning to daytime?

Fans have clamored for Marcil's return to the breakout role that rocketed her to stardom. The fact that Brenda's body was never found has always left the doors open for her return, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Marcil could be reunited with Maurice Benard (Sonny), a romantic link that would create some ma read more

STAGE AND SCREEN: Catherine Hickland...

STAGE AND SCREEN: Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL) returns to QVC on July 18 with her popular line of skin-care products.... Grant Show (ex-Jake Hanson, Melrose; ex-Rick Hyde, Ryan's Hope) and Eva LaRue (ex-Dr. Maria Santos-Grey, AMC; ex-Margot Collins, Santa Barbara) will star in the upcoming ABC thriller Ice. The soap vets play two of the last people on Earth in this made-for-TV movie airing July 22.... Days's Peggy McCay has been cast to play James Dean's grandmother in the upcoming TNT telepic James Dean: An Invented Life.... Daniel Hugh Kelly (ex-Travis Montgomery, AMC) has been cast as President John F. Kennedy in NBC's upcoming miniseries Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot. read more

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