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Comic Daniel Tosh scours the Net to mock blogs, videos and anything else found in cyberspace.

Premiered: June 4, 2009

Rating: TV-14

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Thu Jan 29 9:30pm
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 4) COMEDY

Daniel starts a focus group to address racism. Also: a legendary comedian's Web Redemption.

Sun Feb 1 10:00pm
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 5) COMEDY

Daniel refuses to make a "Harlem shake" video; a ventriloquist who walked off the stage gets a Web Redemption.

Sun Feb 1 10:30pm
Tosh.0(Season 2, Episode 4) COMEDY

Web redemption for a football player who tackled a teammate. Also: Daniel predicts the future.

Sun Feb 1 11:00pm
Tosh.0(Season 6, Episode 17) COMEDY

Daniel meets a man who cares about women's sports. Also: office shenanigans; the return of "Is It Racist?"

Sun Feb 1 11:31pm
Tosh.0(Season 6, Episode 15) COMEDY

Daniel speaks with a goat via the Internet; a bowler who missed out on a perfect game gets a Web Redemption.

Mon Feb 2 12:01am
Tosh.0(Season 4, Episode 25) COMEDY

Watching Daniel sleep; Daniel's answers to viewers' questions. Also: a Web Redemption for a very confident cheerleader.

Mon Feb 2 12:32am
Tosh.0(Season 6, Episode 1) COMEDY

In the Season 6 premiere, Daniel resurrects "Sports or Consequences"; addresses his father's identity; and grants a very sexy Web Redemption.

Mon Feb 2 2:34am
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 29) COMEDY

Daniel unveils a Christmas card that will ruin the holiday; and invents some games that rival those of large manufacturers.

Mon Feb 2 3:04am
Tosh.0(Season 4, Episode 12) COMEDY

Daniel starts an account with the crowd-funding Web site Kickstarter; and investigates Internet searches. Also: a Web Redemption for a skater who's lucky to be alive.

Mon Feb 2 3:34am
Tosh.0(Season 3, Episode 12) COMEDY

A Web Redemption for "Boom Goes the Dynamite" guy Brian Collins; Daniel's new invention; stuff girls shouldn't say.

Mon Feb 2 4:04am
Tosh.0(Season 4, Episode 30) COMEDY

The Season 4 finale features highlights of the show in 2012.

Mon Feb 2 7:28pm
Tosh.0(Season 6, Episode 10) COMEDY

Daniel chats with a creepy guy in Los Angeles; and demonstrates how to improve one's hashtag usage. Also: a Web Redemption for a woman who tried to raise money on the Internet after being injured.

Tue Feb 3 1:19pm
Tosh.0(Season 2, Episode 24) COMEDY

A Web Redemption for a TV reporter who can't break a car's window. Also: Daniel plays with a taser.

Tue Feb 3 1:49pm
Tosh.0(Season 2, Episode 25) COMEDY

In the second-season finale, Daniel shares the Perfect Internet Video.

Tue Feb 3 2:19pm
Tosh.0(Season 3, Episode 2) COMEDY

A Web Redemption for aspiring actor Brian Atene; a search for a homeless man with a golden voice.

Tue Feb 3 2:49pm
Tosh.0(Season 3, Episode 3) COMEDY

A Web Redemption for the "Ice Cream Truck Guy"; Daniel's feelings for a fellow late-night host.

Tue Feb 3 3:20pm
Tosh.0(Season 3, Episode 8) COMEDY

The "Foul Ball Couple" get a Web Redemption; Daniel talks to the "Yankee Candle Kid." Also: a tribute to deceased Internet stars.

Tue Feb 3 8:00pm
Tosh.0(Season 2, Episode 3) COMEDY

Daniel gets his first tattoo. Also: a chat with the Wii Fit Girl; Web redemption for the "Risky Business" girls.

Tue Feb 3 8:30pm
Tosh.0(Season 3, Episode 7) COMEDY

The "Hurdle Fail Girls" get a Web rematch; Daniel does a spoiler alert. Also: Inappropriate Touch Tuesday.

Tue Feb 3 9:00pm
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 11) COMEDY

Daniel gives advice to Bill Gates about customer satisfaction; and talks about civil rights. Also: a Web Redemption for a shirtless boy.

Tue Feb 3 9:30pm
Tosh.0(Season 4, Episode 24) COMEDY

Daniel reviews viewers' "brotography"; and wrestles with his sexuality. Also: a Web Redemption for an armless girl.

Tue Feb 3 10:00pm
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 25) COMEDY

Daniel endorses a female presidential candidate; online commentators review Comedy Central; a pothead gets a Web Redemption.

Thu Feb 5 9:30pm
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 13) COMEDY

Daniel sends money to a stranger on the Internet; and talks to a child with lots of hickeys. Also: a "CeWEBrity Profile."

Thu Feb 5 10:00pm
Tosh.0(Season 3, Episode 1) COMEDY

The third season begins with a Web Redemption for Alabama's Antoine Dodson of "Bed Intruder Song" fame. Also: Daniel unveils the show's new set and models his new wardrobe.

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