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Brilliant 'Cheers' spin-off in which psychiatrist Frasier Crane returns to his native Seattle, where he hosts a call-in radio show and spars with his fussy brother, their ex-cop father and dad's physical therapist. Impeccable performances and polished scri (more…)

Premiered: September 16, 1993

Rating: TV-PG

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Thu Jan 29 1:00am
Morning Becomes Entertainment(Season 7, Episode 19) HALMRK

Frasier's agent and ex-paramour Bebe (Harriet Sansom Harris) tries enticing him to leave radio psychiatry to host a TV morning show. Matt: Carlos Jacott. Roz: Peri Gilpin.

Thu Jan 29 1:30am
To Thine Old Self Be True(Season 7, Episode 20) HALMRK

Frasier tries changing his image as a stuffy fussbudget by throwing a raunchy bachelor party for Donny; Daphne digs her claws into Mel (Jane Adams). Dinah: Rachel York. Regan: Gigi Rice. Donny: Saul Rubinek.

Thu Jan 29 2:00am
The Three Faces of Frasier(Season 7, Episode 21) HALMRK

Frasier risks the wrath of a short-tempered Italian chef (Robert Loggia); Daphne tries to mask her feelings for Niles as she dreads her upcoming wedding to Donny. Mama: Lilyan Chauvin. Kenny: Tom McGowan.

Thu Jan 29 2:30am
Dark Side of the Moon(Season 7, Episode 22) HALMRK

Daphne (Jane Leeves) enters therapy after prenuptial jitters and a visit from her loutish brother (Anthony LaPaglia) push her too far. Paula: S. Epatha Merkerson. Mel: Jane Adams. Holly: Kelly Miller.

Thu Jan 29 3:00am
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue(Season 7, Episode 23) HALMRK

Part 1 of two. As Daphne and Donny's wedding approaches, Niles makes a stunning revelation about Mel, and Roz considers a new romantic prospect. Simon: Anthony LaPaglia. Mrs. Richman: Brooks Almy. Gertrude: Millicent Martin.

Thu Jan 29 3:30am
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue(Season 7, Episode 24) HALMRK

Conclusion. Niles and Daphne reckon with their true feelings for one another at her wedding to Donny (Saul Rubinek). Simon: Anthony LaPaglia. Mrs. Richman: Brooks Almy. Gertrude: Millicent Martin.

Thu Jan 29 9:00am
The Ann Who Came to Dinner(Season 11, Episode 13) LIFE

Lawsuit fears plague Frasier over an accident in his kitchen that befell his insurer: a former date named Ann (Julia Sweeney) he snubbed. Now, Frasier entreats her to recuperate at his place, where Ann takes full advantage of the situation.

Thu Jan 29 9:30am
Freudian Sleep(Season 11, Episode 14) LIFE

Strange dreams dominate this episode, which finds Frasier wed to Daphne, now a vociferous eater; Niles a carefree philanderer, dallying with bikini-clad repairwomen; and Martin a dashing hoofer, performing with Ronee (Wendie Malick).

Thu Jan 29 10:00am
Caught in the Act(Season 11, Episode 15) LIFE

Laurie Metcalf plays Frasier's first wife, now a popular children's entertainer named Nanny G who reawakens lustful feelings in Frasier that are ardently reciprocated. There's just one slight hang-up: Nanny G has a new husband.

Thu Jan 29 10:30am
Boo!(Season 11, Episode 16) LIFE

A practical joke backfires, giving Martin a “mild cardiac event” that he's anxious to keep secret from Ronee (Wendie Malick), fearing that she'll think he's become “some feeble old guy.” Mimi: Stephanie Faracy. Nurse: Lorraine Toussaint.

Thu Jan 29 11:00am
Coots and Ladders(Season 11, Episode 17) LIFE

Guilty feelings seize Frasier, who, just for a thrill, swipes a medallion from his neighbor, a chatty, trusting widow (Estelle Parsons). Now he sets out to secretly return the object, with the reluctant help of Niles. Willa: Gabrielle Miller.

Thu Jan 29 11:30am
Match Game(Season 11, Episode 18) LIFE

Lovelorn Frasier engages a matchmaker (Laura Linney), who mismatches him with dinner dates that turn disastrous; well-meaning Niles hires a kooky helpmate for Daphne's delivery who works with a shaman---and a drummer.

Fri Jan 30 1:00am
And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon(Season 8, Episode 1) HALMRK

Part 1 of two. After running off together, Niles and Daphne face the wrath from their jilted lovers: Donny's suing for emotional distress and Mel's plotting a ruse. Mel: Jane Adams. Donny: Saul Rubinek. Simon: Anthony LaPaglia.

Fri Jan 30 1:30am
And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon(Season 8, Episode 2) HALMRK

Conclusion. Daphne considers dumping Niles after Donny and Mel's plotting stresses her out. Fortunately, Frasier comes to the lovers' aid once again. Mel: Jane Adams. Donny: Saul Rubinek. Simon: Anthony LaPaglia.

Fri Jan 30 2:00am
The Bad Son(Season 8, Episode 3) HALMRK

Frasier's disdain for public transportation takes a back seat to his fancy for a cute bus passenger (Tushka Bergen); Daphne and Niles make a stargazing date only to end up star-crossed again.

Fri Jan 30 2:30am
The Great Crane Robbery(Season 8, Episode 4) HALMRK

Frasier frets when his billionaire boss (Alan Tudyk) slavishly copies his aesthetic tastes, and Mel blackmails Niles into making a social faux pas. Henri: Robert Robinson.

Fri Jan 30 3:00am
Taking Liberties(Season 8, Episode 5) HALMRK

Frasier hires a British butler (Victor Garber) whose proper presence only adds to the chaos in the Crane household. Meanwhile, Mel (Jane Adams) steps up her efforts to torment Niles. Alan Murchie: Nicholas Hormann.

Fri Jan 30 3:30am
Legal Tender Love and Care(Season 8, Episode 6) HALMRK

Frasier hires a shady lady lawyer (Teri Polo) to defend him from a litigious Donny, who blames him for Daphne running out on their wedding. Donny: Saul Rubinek.

Fri Jan 30 9:00am
Miss Right Now(Season 11, Episode 19) LIFE

Jennifer Tilly plays a swinger who bewitches Frasier, to his later chagrin at a tryst interrupted by unexpected arrivals. Broadway vet Marian Seldes appears as Ronee's straitlaced mom, whose behavior irks Martin.

Fri Jan 30 9:30am
And Frasier Makes Three(Season 11, Episode 20) LIFE

Courting unnerves Frasier, whose wooing of a winsome matchmaker (Laura Linney) is constantly interrupted by her disarming beau (Aaron Eckhart), a dedicated environmentalist who's also quite cosmopolitan.

Fri Jan 30 10:00am
Detour(Season 11, Episode 21) LIFE

Country ways test Frasier and Charlotte, who're stranded at a farmhouse with a very odd family that has no idea who he is. Back home, a physical therapist is mistaken for a stripper in a situation that greatly embarrasses Niles.

Fri Jan 30 10:30am
Crock Tales(Season 11, Episode 22) LIFE

Clips from past episodes show Frasier fazed by an ill-fated blind date (Rosie Perez); gussied up as Uncle Sam for a July Fourth fete; and ruffled by awkward dinner gatherings that mark Roz's birthday and Thanksgiving.

Fri Jan 30 11:00am
Goodnight, Seattle(Season 11, Episode 23) LIFE

Part 1. Tumult on Martin's wedding day wreaks havoc with the elaborate fete. Anthony LaPaglia plays Daphne's boozing brother, Simon. Ronee: Wendie Malick. Charlotte: Laura Linney. Bebe: Harriet Sansom Harris.

Fri Jan 30 11:30am
Goodnight, Seattle(Season 11, Episode 24) LIFE

Daphne's delivery highlights the conclusion of a two-parter that also resolves Frasier's dilemma with Charlotte (Laura Linney) and with his job at KACL. Dr. Hauck: Jason Biggs. Rachel: Arleen Sorkin.

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