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The Robin Hood-style escapades of two cousins at odds with a greedy, bombastic politician and his blundering lackey, the local sheriff. `Just good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm,' Bo and Luke Duke kept one step ahead of trouble in a souped-up car called t (more…)

Premiered: January 26, 1979

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Wed Mar 4 12:00pm
Birds Gotta Fly(Season 4, Episode 22) CMT

A retired NASCAR driver hires Daisy to race for her in a car she's hocked to Hogg. Daisy: Catherine Bach. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Jesse: Denver Pyle.

Wed Mar 4 1:00pm
Dukes in Danger(Season 4, Episode 27) CMT

The Dukes are being held prisoner by two escaped cons when Hogg and Rosco arrive, aiming to foreclose on Jesse. Hammer: Bill Fletcher. Leeman: Steven Williams. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Jesse: Denver Pyle.

Fri Mar 6 9:55am
Carnival of Thrills(Season 3, Episode 1) CMT

To oblige a beautiful carnival owner, Bo agrees to jump the General Lee over 32 cars. First of two parts. Diane: Robin Mattson. Luke: Tom Wopat. Carl: Don Stroud. Dexter: Richard Jensen.

Fri Mar 6 10:55am
Carnival of Thrills(Season 3, Episode 2) CMT

Conclusion. Boss's schemes to take control of the carnival are hindered by the Dukes; attempted murder might be linked to the stunt. John Schneider, Tom Wopat. John Zimbra: Vernon Weddle. Diane: Robin Mattson. Carl: Don Stroud.

Fri Mar 6 12:00pm
Along Came a Duke(Season 3, Episode 17) CMT

Boss steals Stonewall Jackson's sword and frames the Dukes for it. Bo: John Schneider. Luke: Tom Wopat. Jeb: Christopher Hensel. Rosco: James Best. Jesse: Denver Pyle.

Fri Mar 6 1:00pm
The Great Hazzard Hijack(Season 3, Episode 21) CMT

One of the people joining in the search for loot from a hijacking is a buddy of Luke's who knows more than he's telling. Roy Orbison sings “Oh, Pretty Woman.” Tom Wopat. Bo: John Schneider. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Daisy: Catherine Bach. Phil: Richard Hill (more…)

Fri Mar 6 2:00pm
The Fugitive(Season 4, Episode 5) CMT

A motorcycle race affords Hogg the opportunity of setting up a stolen-bike racket. Sorrell Booke, John Schneider. Johnny Paycheck sings "Take This Job and Shove It."

Mon Mar 9 10:00am
How to Succeed in Hazzard County(Season 6, Episode 18) CMT

Hogg's nasty nephew comes to Hazzard to die---or so he claims---and soon begins a fund-raiser for his own "memorial clinic." Boss: Sorrell Booke. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Luke: Tom Wopat.

Mon Mar 9 11:00am
Welcome, Waylon Jennings(Season 7, Episode 2) CMT

Waylon Jennings visits old friend Jesse, carting along his museum of country-music memorabilia, which Boss plans to hijack for ransom from the insurance company. Denver Pyle, Sorrell Booke. Betty Jo: Shannon Tweed. Luke: Tom Wopat.

Mon Mar 9 12:00pm
Danger on the Hazzard Express(Season 7, Episode 10) CMT

Crooks steal the General and rig it with explosives as part of a train-robbery scheme. John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Sorrell Booke. Burke: Wayne Grace. Carney: Steve James.

Mon Mar 9 1:00pm
Sittin' Dukes(Season 7, Episode 11) CMT

Two convicts, one of them busted by Luke in his Marine Corps days, break out and force the Dukes to help them escape across the state line. Benson: Judson Scott. Hixx: Robert Gray.

Mon Mar 16 10:00am
The Ghost of General Lee(Season 2, Episode 6) CMT

Boss Hogg's scheme to take advantage of the Dukes' reported drowning comes back to haunt him. Phil: Russ McCubbin. Bo: John Schneider. Ernie: Caskey Swaim. Luke: Tom Wopat. Chief Lacey: Norman Elder. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Guest: Sunshine Parker. Hogg: Sorrel (more…)

Mon Mar 16 11:00am
The Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough(Season 2, Episode 7) CMT

Boss Hogg schemes to steal a new turbocharger that is being tested by stock-car racer Cale Yarborough. Bo: John Schneider. Garvey: Harrison Page. Luke: Tom Wopat. Rowby: Tom McFadden. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Simon: William Watson. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. Jesse: (more…)

Mon Mar 16 12:00pm
The Hazzard Connection(Season 2, Episode 8) CMT

Bo and Luke join a demolition derby that's fronting for the smuggling racket they're suspected of operating. Augie: John Quade. Bo: John Schneider. Shoulders: Med Flory. Luke: Tom Wopat. Workman: Gerald McRaney. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Daisy: Catherine Bach (more…)

Mon Mar 16 1:00pm
Witness for the Persecution(Season 2, Episode 9) CMT

Government witness Boss Hogg is sought by hit men bent on preventing his testimony. Warren: L.Q. Jones. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Barnes: Bob Hastings. Bo: John Schneider. Tom Pryor: R.G. Armstrong. Luke: Tom Wopat. Cooter: Ben Jones. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. Daisy: (more…)

Mon Mar 16 2:00pm
Granny Annie(Season 2, Episode 10) CMT

Eccentric local artist Granny Annie proves to be the source of some funny money. Luke: Tom Wopat. B.B. Davenport: Mickey Jones. Bo: John Schneider. Big Jim: George Murdock. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Holly Mae: Pamela Bryant. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Vic: George (more…)

Mon Mar 16 3:00pm
The People's Choice(Season 2, Episode 11) CMT

For more than one reason the Dukes back Boss Hogg's election opponent: T.C. Rogers. Bo: John Schneider. Emery: Charlie Dell. Luke: Tom Wopat. Mabel Wooster: Doris Hess. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Wheeler: Michael Alldredge. Sheriff: James Best. Preacher: Jo (more…)

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