Younger left us on a pretty huge cliffhanger at the end of Season 3, as Liza (Sutton Foster) finally confessed her real age to Kelsey (Hillary Duff) and the lengths she'd gone to in the name of getting a job at Empirical. While we all hoped Kelsey would understand why Liza lied and accept her new truth, it turns out she's not quite that forgiving.

In the Season 4 premiere, we found out that Kelsey is pissed off, and if Liza weren't her sole partner in the Millennial imprint, we're pretty sure she would have been out of her job.

Lies just so happened to be the theme of this episode, with Kristin Chenowith guest starring as a D.C. spin doctor, who excelled in alternative facts. She pretty much blew the roof off this episode, but she did make us ask ourselves a pretty uncomfortable question: How long can Liza really keep lying?

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We've had three full seasons of watching Liza get away with this charade, but at what point do too many people know to make this secret plausible? It should be reassuring that there's now an online paper trail — courtesy of Lauren (Molly Kate Bernard) — "proving" Liza's age, but it's just not. There are too many ways this whole house of cards can topple, and frankly, now that we've reached Season 4, they probably should.

According to Sutton Foster and creator Darren Star, there's really no telling how long she can keep this thing going.

"It seems like every year and every season someone new learns the truth," Foster says. "She turns 27 this year, so at least they gave me one more year."

If we had to place bets on someone new learning the secret by the end of Season 4, we'd put money on Charles (Peter Hermann). He and Liza keep inching closer and closer together, while Kelsey has now cozied up to Josh (Nico Tortorella). We can already tell that little development is going to end in tears for everyone.

Younger airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TVLand.

Hillary Duff and Sutton Foster, <em>Younger</em>Hillary Duff and Sutton Foster, Younger