Before finding fame as a bone-crushing World Wrestling Federation superstar, feisty Ivory actually worked at a chiropractic college!

Like many other struggling actors in Hollywood, Ivory found herself taking acting work as a make-believe patient in order to bring in some easy cash. But she discovered that pretending to be a sickly patient for nervous would-be chiropractors was not always as easy as she thought it would be.

"Some of them just totally shut you down because they didn't know how to handle somebody that was in such pain," she tells TV Guide Online. The weird job was actually just one in a long list of pre-WWF gigs that ranged from Revlon make-up trainer to Universal Studios stuntwoman.

Ivory wasn't exactly a newcomer to wrestling when she joined the WWF, having starred years earlier in the short-lived 1980s syndicated TV series Glorious Ladies of Wrestling. She tells us she had also learned a thing or two about wrestling from her two older brothers and younger sister.

"My brothers used to clear the furniture out [of] the living room and say, 'Come on, girls, let's wrestle,'" she recalls. "We would promise not to break any furniture and I think it was really their excuse just to mug us girls from time to time. Of course, they always did. We started out laughing and wound up saying, 'Mom! Help!'"