They like you... they really like you! The gracious winners at Sunday night's TV Guide Awards went out of their way to thank you, the fans, for participating in the awards process and supporting them.

"This is a special treat because it's generated by the fans, the people who sit on their couches and watch our shows," MTV's Carson Daly told TV Guide Online. We caught up with the rising star while he was taking a breather with his dad, and he admitted that these are heady times. "I don't know what the future holds, bro! My world is spinning right now and I'm just taking things one day at a time."

Tyne Daly, unofficial spokeswoman for the Judging Amy cast, took a jab at the press while applauding the viewers for recognizing her ensemble show. "The audience caught on and appreciated us immediately, despite what the critics were saying. We were thought of as a clone of Providence and that's not true ? and the audience knows that. And they picked quality tonight." Does Daly, a veteran of quality shows like Christy and Cagney & Lacey, think TV has turned a corner and might be tiring of low-brow or teen-oriented fare? "I don't make a study of television as my livelihood," she explained. "I'm an actor. Ask me questions about how the business works and I have no idea!"

Hector Elizando knows how the business works and says his victory and Chicago Hope's success is "a testament to our resilience ? we're always getting something thrown at us, a surprise or two... not just the change of cast and the change of time slot, but who we're up against. Right now we're fighting the Terminator ? that quiz show." If you haven't tuned in lately you're missing some wacky, cutting-edge medical storylines on Hope. "It's been a very good turn and a very healthy turn," Elizando said, adding that he is really excited about James Garner's upcoming stint on the David E. Kelley/CBS medical drama. "You're going to see him play a J.R.-type character, I think, and it's going to be interesting."

The mood turned nostalgic ? and kinky ? when Austin Peck (Days of Our Lives) hooked up with old buddy Daly. "We went to the same high school," Peck explained to us. "We met a long time ago... we were big buddies and wrestling partners, so we'd hang out and date the same girls." "And guys," Daly added, with a mischievous grin. "Hey, it was Santa Monica! You know, anything goes!"

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