Just Shoot Me's Wendie Malick says her recent on-screen smooch with co-star

David Spade was child's play compared to her nude scene in the 1998 movie Divorce: A Contemporary Western.

"It was like kissing your brother," Malick says of her character's surprise smooch on Shoot's season finale. "We both talked about it all week. We just technically talked about how we were gonna get into this clinch and kind of practiced it a few times. And it was fun! It was really kinda fun.

"It's very funny because you get very kind of shy about doing it with somebody who's your pal, that you hang out with every day," she tells the TV Guide Channel. "And that can be either really enjoyable, or really embarrassing and sort of awkward and creepy. The experience was quite lovely; he's a lovely kisser."

It was quite a different situation when Malick was called upon to shoot a nude tub scene with co-star Enrico Colantoni (who also appears on Shoot Me) in Divorce: A Contemporary Western. "We were laughing so hard before this scene that we barely got through it, because it's so not glamorous and it was so not sexual or erotic," she recalls. "It was just really funny."

By the way, it's still not clear if Just Shoot Me fans can expect to see a romance blossom next season between Malick's Nina and Spade's Finch. "Who can say?" she asks. "We don't really know!"