Lauren Alaina Lauren Alaina

As much as we hate to quote Randy Jackson (because most of his stuff is repetitive b.s.), America really does have its work cut out after last night's Idol.

In the Musical Mediocrity Olympics this season has deteriorated into, the choice between Scotty, Lauren and Haley got even trickier, since they were all un-awful. None were show-stopping sure bets, but with three songs to tackle, each one had a shining-ish moment during the bloated two-hour night eater.

For Country Boy McCreery, it was his take on Thompson Square's "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?" Country Barbie Alaina did her best work (in a hideous seafoam nightmare) on Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance." And Growly Reinhart had folks — including herself — falling all over her attack on Led Zepplin's "What Is and What Should Never Be."

Oddly, each one stood out during a different round, where the songs we either their choice (Haley), the judges' (Lauren) or Jimmy Iovine's (Scotty). Still, not a single one of them swept the night, making this week's elimination the most difficult, yet least dramatic one so far. They were all good enough, when at this point they should all be amazing. Sad, huh?

So the choice is our hands, folks. Who gets your vote to go to the finale? And who do you think should just go home?

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