Angelina Angelina

Wow. This girl really knows how to irk friends and infuriate people.

When we first met Angelina Pivarnick on Season 1 of the GTL-icious reality show, she was simply the dark-haired guidette who wasn't J-Whatever or Snooki. The one who showed up with her Forever 21 and Wet Seal finery jammed into trash bags instead of Samsonite. The one who sort of looked like Sammi and nothing like Angelina Jolie. Then she blew off the laborious effort that was standing around a boardwalk t-shirt shop and overnight became the one who left TV's trashiest phenomenon. The Scott Silver of Seaside Heights. The David Caruso of spray tans, if you will.

Now she's back and from her latest actions, Miss P. may last about as long as she did in the Garden State. First off, the other ladies in the house hate her more than proper grammar. It's never really been made clear why — aside from some alleged off-camera smacktalk about Snooki — but from the moment Angie sashayed into their new house, the acrylic claws have been out. Hell, an episode hasn't gone by without at least one threat of violence from J-Wow. The guys have been a tad more welcoming of their former roomie (especially Ronnie, since Angelina knows all about his non-Sammi extracurricular activities), but that good will seems to have gone up in a hair-poof of smoke last night. Not only did she totally, um, chick-block Pauly D at the club, she went and slapped his perpetually smiley face back at the house afterward for daring to be annoyed with her. Way to work that charm-school degree, honey!

Seriously, does it seem like Angie is out to just tick everyone off? And how long do you think it'll be before she packs her Hefty drawstrings and hits the road again?

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