Eloise Mumford, Thomas Kretschmann Eloise Mumford, Thomas Kretschmann

Might want to watch this one with the lights on, kids.

Created by Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli, starring 24's Leslie Hope, and packed with images we'll never be able to unsee (thank you, demonic-looking doll tree, for the night terrors and therapy bill!), The River is truly one of the scariest things to hit TV in years. "I think the first couple of episodes set up the tone very nicely," previews Peli of the hour-long creepshow, which uses the found-footage technique of the Paranormal franchise to track the efforts of a rescue team searching for a scientist who's gone missing in the Amazon. "It gets pretty nutty near the end of the season." Nutty? With its carnivorous flying specters, homicidal vines and possessed crewmembers, this thing is like Lost off its meds!

The eight-episode season kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Tuesday Feb. 7th (ABC, 9/8c), but if you can't wait 'til then to experience some serious chills, we offer you this clip from the opener involving the abduction of Hope's Tess Cole that should clue viewers into the sort of madness awaiting them on the banks of The River.

Are you planning to tune-in?

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