Veronica Mars
I was less shocked by Meg's untimely death than by Wallace's random appearance on Veronica's doorstep on New Year's Eve. Meg's death has some more interesting implications in that her baby girl survived, she hinted that she wanted Veronica to make sure her baby didn't end up with religious zealots, and after watching last week's alternate ending, we should perhaps be suspicious that foul play is involved. Actually, the biggest surprise of the night was that dreamy Deputy Leo turned out to be the one who stole the Aaron-Lilly tapes to auction them off. Yes, I know he had a good reason, and it was even sweet that he wanted so badly to help his sister with her Down syndrome, but he really did a bang-up job in helping out the defense lawyers in the Aaron Echolls case. And I know that Logan's a baddie, I really do, but I couldn't help but feel for him when he watched the sex tape, with his dad and the love of his life having some feisty Paris Hilton-style relations. I'd have wanted to delete them, too: Good thing he's rich and can afford a degausser to eliminate the offensive images. Veronica meanwhile has to settle for a refurbished laptop as a Christmas gift. But while she and her dad don't have a boatload of cash, they both try so hard to make everything so special. She got all gussied up in the fancy duds and even cooked, and he knew just how to comfort her when handing her the jury-duty papers: with some two-day-old lasagna and extra helpings of ice cream. They even have a potential slogan for the Mars family crest, inspired by his investigation and her jury job: It's not always easy doing the right thing. It might not be, but you can count on the Marses to try. Oh, and just a random little note: Did anyone else catch The Todd from

Scrubs as one of the eleven jurors? He was so toned down from his normal horn-dog appearance I almost had to do a double take. Angel Cohn

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