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Sixty percent of TVGuide.com voters agree with his dumped fiancée: Bachelor star Jason Mesnick is "a bastard."

Mesnick proposed to Melissa Rycroft on Monday's Bachelor finale only to turn around and announce their break-up on national television. Mesnick said he would have preferred not to cast off the former object of his affections during the follow-up show, After the Final Rose Part One, but he was not allowed to see her until then. His disclosure that he instead wanted to date Molly Malaney, the runner-up, elicited this quick assessment from Rycroft: "You're a bastard."

Of the more than 10,000 people who voted in TVGuide.com's online poll, 60 percent agreed with Rycroft. Twenty-five percent said Mesnick couldn't be faulted for his choice (agreeing with the Woody Allen adage that "the heart wants what the heart wants.") Fifteen percent were so disgusted with the outcome that they vowed never to watch again. ("Don't text and don't call," they said, echoing Rycroft's goodbye to Mesnick.) Check out the results here.


Many viewers were most appalled that Mesnick would so publicly dump a woman he had once planned to marry. Show creator Mike Fleiss' comments to TVGuide.com on Wednesday raised the possibility that Mesnick warned Rycroft of her fate in advance of the taping. 

Mesnick asked runner-up Malaney if she would like to resume dating just moments after he dumped Rycroft. On After the Final Rose Part Two, which aired Tuesday, the couple said they have been together for six weeks. They were scheduled to talk to reporters in a conference call Wednesday, but canceled, citing "last-minute schedule changes."

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