Tru Calling Eliza Dushku sees dead people. The

Buffy the Vampire Slayer refugee plays a med student with the ability to see the events leading up to untimely deaths (an apparent side effect of watching her mother being murdered in front of her when she was little) who races against the clock every week to change another victim's fate. Considering her lifeless performance, Dushku should feel right at home in her new workplace: the morgue.

Friends Christina Applegate delivers another hilarious appearance as Rachel's snotty sis Amy. Having the Emmy winner return this final season was a no-brainer (literally and figuratively), but I'm a bit taken aback by this snarky exchange about Rachel and Amy's other sister, Jill, played by Reese Witherspoon: Amy: "Mom said she [Jill] gained like, 15 pounds." Rachel: "Hips or thighs?" Amy: "Ass and face." Rachel: "I thought she was on Atkins." Amy: "She was, but the carbs found her." Me: Yikes. Was Legally Blonde 2 that bad?

Survivor: Pearl Islands CBS promised an unprecedented surprise and they delivered with a third tribe, the Outcasts: Ryan S., Burton, Lill, Michelle, Nicole and Trish. They smoked Drake and Morgan in the challenge and sent both teams to Tribal Council, where Drake dumped Shawn and held on to Jon, while Morgan lost some long-dead weight by facilitating Osten's resignation. Next week, two Outcasts get voted back into their original teams. I'm guessing absence might make the heart grow something other than fonder.

Will & Grace Finally, an episode without a guest star. Unfortunately it had very little Grace, who spent the few scenes she had in bed. Was I the only one grossed out by the sight of her, Will and Leo in bed together? The gay spelling bee concept was amusing, but I spent most of my time scanning the crowd for the Fab Five (a cameo that would have actually made sense). And while I understood why the writers plugged Whoopi a few weeks ago, why are they name-dropping ABC's Hope & Faith? Why not NBC's own Miss Match? Maybe it's a vegan thing.

CSI Look, people in animal costumes! At last, a Halloween episode. Admittedly, one doesn't see "plushies and furries" every day and their "furpile" looks like HR Pufnstuf meets Eyes Wide Shut, but it's worth it to see Sex and the City's fabulous Willie Garson in an electric-blue kitty-cat suit. Me-ow. But would Carrie approve?

Finding Nemo DVD Commercial Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemo! Sorry, that won't happen again. At least, not in this column...

Diddy Runs the City See Sean John run. Huffy, I mean Puffy, trains to run the New York marathon while trying to raise $1 million to donate to children's health and education programs. For an hour we watch the hip-hop mogul brave blisters and a bad knee, freeze his family jewels in an ice bath (nice boxer briefs) and even get his fried chicken on, all while harassing his wealthy celebrity connections, as well as his own office staff, for donations. Sure, it's a noble cause (not to mention great publicity), but I find it a little odd that a guy who owns a personal hovercraft has to beg for cash on the street.

ER Maybe I'm on CSI gore overload, but I really have to object about tonight's barbecued mom. Yuck. Dorset's wife was shocking enough for me. Poor Elizabeth. Grossness aside, so many things happened tonight: Luka returned; Linda Cardellini joined the cast; Abby's back in med school; Morris quit; veteran actor Bob Newhart guest starred. In other words: Carter who?