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It was a day of highs and lows for Chris Jones on Top Chef. After winning the quickfire with Grayson, he came up short in the head-to-head elimination challenge with his healthy, but ultimately dry and underseasoned, take on a chicken salad sandwich for a 200-person block party. "I did everything I was supposed to do in prep and was way ahead of schedule, but I didn't think about a 110-degree day in the heat and having sandwiches sit out there with no refrigeration," Jones tells Find out why he knew he would get cut, why he was disappointed in the challenge, and the story behind his half-ponytail.

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You said you knew you would go home. Why?
Chris Jones
: It was really between me and Ed. They really liked his side dish. A lot of the judges said they got chunks of ice cubes in the smoothie that I made. I couldn't use my blender very well because of all the bees around it. Sometimes you just know in life. I did my best. I really, really tried to embrace the challenge and make it healthy. I had a bad feeling about everything. It was one of those things where things just didn't go right.

The judges had problems with your seasoning and the dryness of the bread. Was there nothing you could do at the party to fix it?
: I think going into the challenge, Grayson and I both had the idea to make our sandwiches to order. I was moving so far ahead in my prep that I was able to build my sandwich beforehand. I over-prepared. What I should've done is just build them out there. I should've set up a subway station and made it to order. That's why the bread got dry. That's why the chicken was dry. Everything was done too far ahead and there was nothing I could really do. We didn't have refrigeration out there.

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