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America's Most Wanted
9/8c Fox
A 16-year-old named Kimberly Simon was raped and murdered in Oneida County, N.Y., in 1985. Steven Barnes of nearby Marcy, who was 19 at the time, was convicted of the crime in 1989. But it was never an open-and-shut case, and it's definitely an open one now: Barnes was released from prison in 2008 after DNA testing proved that he couldn't have done it, and cops haven't charged anyone else yet, but they think the killer(s) might have been involved in a satanic cult. Host John Walsh gives an update on their new hunt tonight. — Paul Droesch

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The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

8/7c Nickelodeon
Just in time for Halloween, Victoria Justice stars in a TV movie about a girl (don't let the title fool you!), a werewolf and a spooky castle. Justice portrays Jordan, a shy teen who visits a Romanian castle her family's inherited. Things get complicated when a lab accident transforms Jordan into a werewolf. In addition to her new appearance, her personality also changes. The one person who may be able to help her is the housekeeper (Brooke Shields), who knows secrets about the property. — Jennifer Sankowski

Kid in a Candy Store
9/8c Food Network
As trick-or-treaters gear up for their annual trip around the neighborhood, kid-at-heart Adam is crisscrossing the country, getting an inside look at Halloween sweets, from classics, like Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins, to more bizarre finds: A life-size gummy brain, anyone? — Karen Andzejewicz

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