Tom Cruise by Theo Wargo/ Tom Cruise by Theo Wargo/

Andrew Morton's Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography might as well be sub-subtitled "The Plaintiff's Exhibit A," as the inflammatory and reportedly shoddily sourced "tell-all" has drawn immediate fire from the movie-star camp. Among the author's more outrageous claims: Suri was not sired by Tom but rather the result of Katie Holmes being "impregnated with [Scientology founder L. Ron] Hubbard's frozen sperm," a scenario the author likens to "a real-life version of Rosemary's Baby." (And it sounds like it'd give a gal one of those ice-cream headaches.) The book also reheats tales of how the Sci guys pressured Cruise to split from Catholic wife Nicole Kidman.

Cruise's rep calls the tome "a vicious and false attack on a man, his religion and his family," and singles out the Rosemary's Baby comparison as being particularly "disgusting and sick" - so much so that lawyers for Cruise as well as the Church of Scientology are mulling a $100 million lawsuit against Morton and publisher St. Martin's Press.