Stefan's (Paul Wesley) untimely demise in The Vampire Diaries series finale was hard on Steroline shippers — and not just because they had to watch what should have been Stefan and Caroline's (Candice King) happiest night on earth turn into their final hours together. What really burns is that there was an adorable moment between them that got left on the cutting room floor.

Fortunately, fans have gotten that one final Steroline scene to help them mourn their sunken ship.

Following Matt's (Zach Roerig) order to evacuate the town, Stefan and Caroline have a delightful exchange about their newly married status. Stefan aptly predicts that Caroline would never just quietly take her husband's last name, and so he refers to her very purposefully as Mrs. Forbes-Salvatore. (And we'll go to our graves saying this was a purposeful Hamilton reference on the part of creator Julie Plec.)

At the end of the clip, the two share a kiss before parting and we also get a stunning aerial view of Caroline's wedding dress.

Enjoy shippers, you definitely earned this one.