Nothing gets by Lucca Quinn.

Jane Lynch guest-stars on Sunday's episode of The Good Fight as Madeline Starkey, a longtime FBI agent whose folksy, unassuming demeanor belies a far more cunning mind (she put away Blagojevich!).

Lesser folks might fall for Madeline's ruse, but not Lucca (Cush Jumbo). In our exclusive first look, Lucca and Maia (Rose Leslie) drop by Madeline's office after lunch. After rejecting some See's chocolate, Lucca casually blows Madeline's supposed marriage to one "Mike Michael... son" out of the water. "I Googled you over lunch," she says. "You're not married."

OK, maybe Madeline's not that shrewd if she can't cover such obvious bases. Not to mention, come up with a better name than Mike Michaelson.

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